As a service-oriented firm, The Sheward Partnership strives to provide design solutions attuned to the specific needs of clients and their projects. Throughout all stages of design, documentation, and construction, our team draws upon their collective expertise to realize their clients’ goals. The firm’s design staff boasts a number of uniquely long-lived, collaborative relationships. Many of the firm’s core personnel have been working together for over 25 years, fostering a strong team culture within the office. The team’s wealth of experience allows them to skillfully manage large and small scale projects. This foundation of expertise is paired with talented new hires, whose energy and abilities broaden the capacity of the team to innovate and deliver successful projects.

The Sheward Partnership utilizes a holistic design approach that considers human experience, environmental stewardship, budget, and programmatic needs. Early to embrace the use of building information modeling (BIM) software, the firm is committed to utilizing emerging technologies to advance the design process. BIM provides clients and the project team with early visualizations, establishes expectations for aesthetics and performance, and facilitates efficient documentation.


Sustainability Consulting

The Sheward Partnership includes a dedicated team of sustainability experts who are well-versed in third-party certification programs. The Sheward Partnership has been approved as a LEED® Proven Provider™ for the LEED BD+C and LEED ID+C rating systems. The firm’s sustainability portfolio includes over 500 LEED projects, and other sustainability benchmarking programs, such as ENERGY STAR, the Healthier Hospitals Initiative, and Passive House. The Sheward team draws from this extensive experience to tailor a sustainable design approach that best fits the needs of the client.

During design, The Sheward Partnership manages cost impacts by calculating return on investment and identifying available incentives and grants. The Sheward team evaluates design decisions through in-house energy and daylight modeling. Always encouraging new and innovative strategies, staff members stay up-to-date on the latest sustainable materials and technologies. A key factor in successful and timely certification, The Sheward Partnership facilitates open communication among all team members.